Alienvault OSSIM: Asset page broken after upgrading to 4.4

After upgrading OSSIM to 4.4.0 (or 4.4.1) the Asset section may show the error:

Operation was not completed due to an database error

If you then check the status of the table on the CLI you’ll find the table is missing!

alienvault:~# ossim-db
mysql> select * from asset limit 1;
ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'alienvault.asset' doesn't exist
mysql> quit

To resolve re-run the SQL upgrade script which should recreate your table (albeit empty):

cd /usr/share/ossim/include/upgrades
gunzip 4.4.0_mysql.sql.gz
gunzip 4.4.1_mysql.sql.gz
ossim-db < 4.4.0_mysql.sql
ossim-db < 4.4.1_mysql.sql

Then reload the Assets page and it should work.

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