How to run Alienvault OSSIM 4.2 in (custom) text mode

This is also a fix for

  1. GUI installer hanging on “Configure network” when you try and enter the IP address
  2. Configuring disk setup
  3. Selecting which components to install

These options were available in 4.1 but were removed from the boot menu of the installer in 4.2.

The options are still there though. To run the custom text installer do the following:

  1. Boot from the OSSIM 4.2 CD
  2. At the installer menu highlight USM 4.2 (the top one)
  3. Hit the TAB button
  4. Edit the kernel boot line so it shows as (all one line)
/install.amd/vmlinux preseed/file=/cdrom/preseed debian/priority=low preseed/interactive=true vga=normal initrd=/install.amd/initrd.gz quiet ALLinONEauto --

5. Then hit enter to boot into custom text mode.

For the lazy out there you can also:

  1. Put the 4.1 installer CD in the CDROM and boot to the menu.
  2. Swap the CD over and put in the 4.2 CD
  3. Select custom text mode from the menu

It’ll then boot.


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One thought on “How to run Alienvault OSSIM 4.2 in (custom) text mode

  1. DeZzA says:

    Thanks for this! I got frozen on the IP address thing on Hyper-V and this let me get past it in text mode!

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