PHP-IDS warning when submitting rule on Alienvault OSSIM 4.x

When building a new correlation rule in Alienvault OSSIM 4.x you may get an error like:

"Sorry, operation not completed due to security reasons. An attack attempt has been logged to the system"


This is caused by the PHP-IDS implementation within OSSIM and can be fixed by adding an exemption rule:

  1. In the error note the “Variable” that caused the error. In this example it was Get.product_list
  2. SSH to your OSSIM server
  3. Open the file /usr/share/ossim/include/php-ids.ini in your favourite editor.
  4. In the [General] section are a list of exceptions. Scroll to the bottom of the exceptions list and add a new entry:
exceptions[] = GET.product_list

5. Restart ossim-framework and try submitting the rule again.

service ossim-framework restart
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