Utility jobs do not run in Backup Exec 2010 but backups work OK

You see one of these symptoms:

  • When you try to pause the server in Devices you get an error “Unable to pause <servername>”
  • Utility jobs (inventory, eject etc) won’t run and stay in state “queued”
  • Backup jobs show the server state as “paused” but backup jobs still run. Devices shows the server as not paused.

This is an issue with hotfix 354913 in Backup Exec 2010 (not R2 or R3).

To uninstall the patch in Windows Server 2008

1. Open control panel
2. Programs and Features
3. View Installed Updates
4. Select hotfix -> Uninstall

In other versions of windows go to Add/Remove Programs, find the update and uninstall.

You may need to reboot but I found it worked OK without it.

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