Searching all backups for a file name in Netbackup

Finding a file on old backups can be tricky the further back you go as folders, shares and server names change. Fortunately there’s a way of searching through the NetBackup database across all the backup sets for a particular filename and getting a list of the dates on which it was backed up. This can be done through bplist.

You’ll need to know the filename and the client name (i.e. servername) or at least a possible list of client names to try.

Let’s assume we’re looking for a file called “MyFirstMovie.avi” and I think it is on “nyserver1”. Using the bplist command we can do this on the command line.

bplist -C nyserver1 -t 13 -b -R -l -I -s 01/01/2008 -PI "MyFirstMovie.avi"
-rwx------ root root 50688 Aug 04 2010 H:\Movie\Archived\MyFirstMovie\MyFirstMovie.avi
-rwx------ root root 50688 Jun 28 2010 H:\Movie\Current\MyFirstMovie\MyFirstMovie.avi 

You’ll find the bplist.exe in the Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\Bin directory. The switches chosen were:

nyserver 1 = Client/server name that the file was backed up from

-t = type of backup. 13 is NT-Server

-b = alternate date format

-R = recursive

-l = long print format

-s = date to start the search from (you can also use -e to set a stop date)

-PI = path independent search – file any files named “MyFirstMovie.avi” in any folder

So this movie was backed up on 4th August 2010 and 28th June 2010 and the locations were on the H:\ drive. This should be enough to go straight to the backup set and browse through the folders using the GUI and select the file to restore.

There’s more information about the command line switches on the bplist command can be found here.

Update: 2014-03-30 – Fixed bplist man link


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