Upgrading SCSI Controller from LSI to PVSCSI (VMware Paravirtual)

Here’s a workaround method to change the type of SCSI controller for your windows VM without falling prey to the BSOD on boot. The method involves adding a new disk to the VM to install the PVSCSI driver into windows before changing the SCSI controller type for the system disk:

1. Shutdown the VM
2. VM -> Edit Settings -> Add -> Hard Disk -> Create a new virtual disk -> Choose 1MB as the size -> Tick Allocate space on demand -> Change the virtual device node to a new SCSI channel that hasn’t been used before (e.g. 3:15) -> Finish
3. Click on the New SCSI Controller -> Change Type -> VMware Paravirtual -> OK
4. Click OK
5. Power on the VM
6. Open console
7. Logon to windows
8. Wait a minute or so for the hardware to install. You can check it in device manager -> SCSI and raid controllers. Look for VMware PVSCSI Controller.
9. Shutdown the VM
10. VM -> Edit Settings -> Click on the 1MB disk you created -> Remove -> Select “Remove from virtual machine and delete files from disk”
11. Click on the other controller (SCSI controller 0) -> Change Type -> Select VMware Paravirtual -> Click OK -> Click OK
11. Power on VM

The VM should now boot using the Paravirtual SCSI driver.

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