Uninstalling plugins from vCenter

Some of the plugins for vCenter don’t offer a way to uninstall which leaves unused plugins lying around in the list.

To unregister a plugin from vcenter you can follow this method:

1. Open your web browser and browse to http://vcenter_ip_address/mob

2. Click on Content on the second line down

3. Click on ExtensionManager on the right about half way down the page

This will show you a list of plugins installed and some methods at the bottom.

4. Click on the plugin you wish to unregister

5. At the top you’ll see something like

Property Path: extensionList[“com.emc.EMCStoragePlugin”]

6. Select the part enclosed in the quotes (e.g.com.emc.EMCStoragePlugin) and copy it

7. Now hit back in your browser to get the list of plugins again

8. Click on UnregisterExtension at the bottom

9. In the text field paste the text into the box and click InvokeMethod

10. Refresh your browser and the plugin should be gone from the list

Now reconnect to vCenter using the client and the plugin should be gone from Plug-ins-> Manage Plugins list.

There’s some more info at the VMware KB here.

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